List of Selected Publications

J. Tuomas Harviainen, M.Th, Ph.D., MBA, Docent

Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters

2022 Haasio, A., Harviainen, J. T. & Hämäläinen, L. (2022). ‘Biodynamically cultivated hash, confidentially’: information sharing on the dark web. Information Research, 27(Sp), paper ISIC 2241.

2022 Vaynman, M. J. & Harviainen, J. T. Speaking with swingers in Spain and France: Strategies from the swinger world. Sexuality & Culture, preprint.

2022 Utunen, H., Harviainen, J. T., & Gamhewage, G. M. Facilitating training simulations for health emergency personnel. In U. Dhar et al. (Eds.) Gaming, simulation and innovations: Challenges and opportunities – Proceedings of the ISAGA 2021 conference (pp. 42-52). Springer.

2022 Harviainen, J. T. & Melkko, R. Organizational information creation through a design game: A sensemaking perspective. Library & Information Science Research, 44(3)

2022 Lankoski, P., Apperley, T. & Harviainen, J. T. Platform-produced heteronormativity: A content analysis of adult videogames on Patreon. Games and Culture, OnlineFirst.

2022 Haasio, A., Harviainen, J. T., Ylinen, A. & Oksanen, A. Tor-verkossa tapahtuvien keskustelujen merkitys huumevieroituksessa. Janus, 30(1), 65-80.

2021 Lehtonen, M. J., Vesa, M. & Harviainen, J. T. Games-as-a-disservice: the twisted logics of player participation in how game development studios create services. Journal of Business Research, Press.

2021 Lehtonen, M. J., Schilli, K. S, & Harviainen, J. T. Resilient values in game industry formation: Institutional perspective to the Finnish context. Games and Culture, 17(4), 614-638.

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2021 Hämäläinen, L., Haasio, A. & Harviainen, J. T. Usernames on a Finnish marketplace for illegal drugs. Names, 69(3).

2021 Pohtinen, J. & Harviainen, J. T. ”Even with all this, I could not live without kinkiness” – Kinky understandings of everyday life. Ethnologia Scandinavica, 51, 136-152.

2021 Hassan, L. S., Deterding, S., Harviainen, J. T. & Hamari, J. Fighting post-truth with fiction: An inquiry into using storification and embodied narratives for evidence-based civic participation. Storyworlds, 11(1), 51-78.

2021 Boufarss, M. & Harviainen, J. T. Librarians as gate-openers in open access publishing: a case study in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 47(5), 102425.

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2021 Hakalahti, M. & Harviainen, J. T. Sharing identity information on Dark Web drug boards. In O.-L. Madge (ed.) New Trends and Challenges in Information Science and Information Seeking Behavior (pp. 49-58). Springer.

2021 Kultima, A., Stenros, J & Harviainen, J. T. Jamography: How to document and reference design jams in academia. In O.-L. Madge (ed.) New Trends and Challenges in Information Science and Information Seeking Behavior (pp. 153-165). Springer.

2021 Harviainen, J. T. & Stenros, J. Central theories of games and play. In Vesa, M. (ed.), Organizational Gamification: Theories and Practices of Ludified Work in Late Modernity (pp. 20-39). New York, NY: Routledge.

2020 Hämäläinen, R. P., Kumpulainen, K.-R., Harviainen, J. T. & Saarinen, E. Design gaming for learning systems intelligence in complex socio-emotional systems. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 39(1), 163-167.

2020 Sihvonen, T. & Harviainen, J. T. ”My games are … unconventional” – Intersections of game and BDSM studies. Sexualities, OnlineFirst.

2020 Kolehmainen, N. & Harviainen, J. T. Musiikin suomalainen tagaus Bandcamp-artistifoorumilla. Informaatiotutkimus, 39(1).

2020 Björk, B.-C., Kanto-Karvonen, S. & Harviainen, J. T. How frequently are articles in predatory OA journals cited? Publications, 8(2), article 17.

2020 Serada, A., Sihvonen, T., & Harviainen, J. T. CryptoKitties and the new ludic economy: How blockchain introduces value, ownership, and scarcity in digital gaming. Games and Culture, OnlineFirst.

2019 Harviainen, J. T. & Kumpulainen, S. Service design for information searching. Information Research, 24(3), paper CoLIS1941.

2019 Lehtonen, M. J., Ainamo, A. & Harviainen, J. T. The four faces of creative industries: Visualizing the game industry ecosystem in Helsinki and Tokyo. Industry and Innovation, 27(9), 1062-1087.

2019 Harviainen, J. T. & Meriläinen, M. Educational gamification: challenges to overcome – and to enjoy. In Hamada, R., Soranastaporn, S., Kanegae, H., Dumrongrojwatthana, P., Chaisanit, S., Rizzi, P., Dumblekar, V. (Eds.) Neo-simulation and gaming toward active learning (pp. 553-560).

2019 Haasio, A., Harviainen, J. T. & Savolainen, R. Information needs of drug users on a local dark web marketplace. Information Processing & Management, preprint.

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2019 Suominen, J. & Harviainen, J. T. Comics as introduction to media technology: Case Finland, television, and Donald Duck in the 1950s and the early 1960s. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, LatestArticles.

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2008    Harviainen, J. T. A hermeneutical approach to role-playing analysis. International Journal of Role-Playing 1, 66-78.

2006    Harviainen, J. T. Information, immersion, identity: the interplay of multiple selves during live-action role-play. Journal of Interactive Drama 1(2), 9-51.

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings papers

2021 Harviainen, J. T, Haasio, A., Ruokolainen, T., Hassan, L., Siuda, P. & Hamari, J. Information protection in Dark Web drug markets research. Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 4673-4680.

2020 Harviainen, J. T., Haasio, A. & Hämäläinen, L. Drug traders on a local dark web marketplace. AcademicMindtrek ’20: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Academic Mindtrek January 2020, 20-26.

2018 Hannula, O. & Harviainen, J. T. User perceptions of design games as settings for organizational learning: Case Topaasia Cards. In Meroni, A., Ospina Medina, A. M. & Villari, B. (Eds.) Service design proof of concept: Proceedings of the ServDes 2018 Conference (pp. 427-439). Linköping: Linköping University Press.

2018 Harviainen, J. T. & Meriläinen, M. Educational gamification: challenges to overcome – and to enjoy. Proceedings of the 49th ISAGA conference, Thonburi, Thailand, July 9-13, 2018 (pp. 333-341).

2016 Harviainen, J. T. Physical presence in simulation: A scratch at the surface of complexity. International Journal of Role-Playing, 6, 32-38.

2016 Hannula, O. & Harviainen, J. T. Efficiently inefficient: Service design games as innovation tools. In Morelli, N., de Götzen, A. & Grani, F. (Eds.) Service design Geographies: Proceedings of the ServDes 2016 Conference, May 24-26, 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark (pp. 241-252). A3 j0

2015 Harviainen, J. T. & Vesa, M. Massively multiplayer online games as information systems: Implications for organizational learning. Proceedings of the ISAGA 2015 conference, Kyoto, Japan, July 15-21, 2015, pp. 105-120. Kyoto: ISAGA/JASAG.

2012    Harviainen, J. T., Lainema, T. & Saarinen, E. Player-reported impediments to game-based learning. In Digital Proceedings of the Nordic Digra 2012 conference. PLEASE NOTE THAT AN EXPANDED, IMPROVED AND RE-REVIEWED VERSION (2014, ABOVE) ALSO EXISTS.

2011    Harviainen, J. T. Designing games for testing information behavior theories. In Huvila, I., Holmberg, K. & Kronqvist-Berg, M. (Eds.) Proceedings of the international conference Information Science and Social Media, pp. 49-72. Turku: Åbo Akademi University.

2007    Harviainen, J. T. Live-action role-playing environments as information systems: an introduction. Information Research 12(4).

Academic book chapters, journal articles and conference papers

2022 Harviainen, J. T. Simulation. In Encyclopedia of Ludic Terms. Copenhagen: ITU.

2022 Harviainen, J. T., Serada, A. & Sihvonen, T. Cryptogames as drivers for blockchain application development. In A. Dingli, A. et al. (eds.) Disruptive technologies in media, arts and design, pp. 55-61. Springer

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Co-authored books

2020 Tienari, J. & Harviainen, J. T. Strategiaopas kuntien päättäjille: Osallista ja hallitse. Helsinki: Alma Talent.

2019 Haasio, A., Harviainen, J. T. & Savolainen, R. Johdatus tiedonhankintatutkimukseen. Helsinki: Avain.

Edited books

2021 Spanellis, A. & Harviainen, J. T. (Eds.) Transforming society and organizations through gamification. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan

2019 Kannisto, J. & Harviainen, J. T. (eds.). Oikeus määrittää itsensä: Kokemuksia transoikeuksien toteutumattomuudesta Suomessa. Helsinki: Sexpo.

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2011    Castellani, A. &  Harviainen, J. T. Larp frescos: Affreschi antichi e moderni sui giochi di ruolo da vivo, Volume II: Affreschi moderni. Firenze: Larp Symposium 2011.

Edited specific journal issues

2021 Touchpoint, 12(2) (with Jesse Grimes and Josina Vink).

2016 Simulation & Gaming, 47(5) (Service Design Games symposium, with Kirsikka Vaajakallio and Henrik Sproedt).

2016 Seksologinen aikakauskirja, 2(1) (with Hanna Vilkka, Pirkko Brusila and Osmo Kontula).

2014 Seksologinen aikakauskirja, 1(1) (with Pirkko Brusila, Osmo Kontula and Hanna Vilkka).

2014 Simulation & Gaming, 45(1) (Finland symposium sections; with Timo Lainema, Jaakko Suominen and Erno Soinila).

2013 Simulation & Gaming, 44(6) (Finland symposium, with Timo Lainema, Jaakko Suominen and Erno Soinila).

2013 International Journal of Role-Playing, 4.

2012 International Journal of Role-Playing, 3.

Dissertations and theses

2015    Harviainen, J. T. Discrete discretion: Improving service in a sexual rights promotion NGO. MBA thesis, Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

2012    Harviainen, J. T. Systemic perspectives on information in physically performed role-play. Doctoral dissertation, University of Tampere.

2012    Harviainen, J. T. Learning sadomasochism: An information literacy perspective. Secondary master’s thesis in information studies and interactive media, University of Tampere.

2005    Harviainen, J. T. Nasaretilaisen velho: Diodoros Tarsolaisen kristologia säilyneiden fragmenttien mukaan. Master’s thesis in theology, University of Helsinki..

Semi-academic and documentary book chapters

2016 Harviainen, J. T. Political larps, or larps about politics? In Kangas, K., Loponen, M. & Särkijärvi, J. (Eds.) Larp politics, pp. 119-124. Helsinki: Ropecon.

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Academic editorials

2021 Spanellis, A. & Harviainen, J. T. An introduction to societal transformation through gamification. In Spanellis, A. & Harviainen, J. T. (Eds.) Transforming society and organizations through gamification (pp. 3-9). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Published lectures

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Book reviews in academic journals

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Forthcoming works, in press

Harviainen, J. T. (in press). Critical challenges to gamifying education: A review of central concepts. Proceedings of the Game On! Conference, May 22-23, 2014, Moscow, The Russian Federation.


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