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My research / game blog, in English. No longer updated. International Journal of Role-Playing, a peer reviewed game studies journal published by the Utrecht School of the Arts (ISSN 2210-4909), which I used to edit. Research Group on Information and Media Practices, Tampere University, which I lead. Customer Journey template for light use (in Finnish): […]

List of Selected Publications

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS J. Tuomas Harviainen, M.Th, Ph.D., MBA, Docent Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters 2022 Vaynman, M. J. & Harviainen, J. T. Speaking with swingers in Spain and France: Strategies from the swinger world. Sexuality & Culture, preprint. 2022 Utunen, H., Harviainen, J. T., & Gamhewage, G. M. Facilitating training simulations for health emergency […]